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Dr. Ignacio Melero (coordinator) leads teams working in preclinical models of immunotherapy and in early immunotherapy clinical trials. He has authored over 230 publications (H factor=54). His team was among the European pioneers in radiotherapy and immunotherapy combinations working together with Dr. Maria E. Rodriguez-Ruiz, a radiation oncologist who has trained in immunology and immunoradiotherapy under mentorship of Dr Melero (University of Navarra, Spain) Drs. Demaria/Formenti (Weil Cornell Medicine, NY, USA), respectively. The team includes Dr. Carlos de Andrea pathologist with ample experience in multiplex tissue immunofluorescence. The institution has excellent radiotherapy facilities including proton beam radiotherapy, state of the art animal facilities, flow cytometry facilities and immunopathology facilities.

Dr. Timothy Illidge is a clinician scientist who has trained in radiation oncology and immunology performing pioneering work in radioimmunotherapy and RT immunotherapy combinations. He was awarded the Royal College of Radiologists national Gold medal in 2018 for his outstanding contribution to national and international oncology practice and 2019 was the only oncologist awarded the prestigious senior National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) senior investigator for his ability to lead national research trials and initiatives. Dr. Illidge has published over 140 papers (H factor=36). This team has unique expertise in mouse modelling to radiotherapy and immunotherapy combinations and are have access to research proton beam irradiation for a number of experimental applications. Dr. Illidge is a rare hybrid with expertise in radiotherapy and tumor immunology in preclinical modelling and early phase clinical trials with associated translational immunology. Manchester currently shares activities in preclinical and clinical development of the BO-122 (Bioncotech) with Navarra. The institution has excellent world-pioneering radiotherapy facilities including proton beam radiotherapy, state-of-the-art immunology experimentation facilities including animal facilities.

Dr. Mario P Colombo is one of the top tumour immunotherapy researchers in Europe. Dr. Colombo has published over 300 papers (H factor=71). He is considered a top expert in addressing the role of myeloid cells and stromal components of the tumour in cancer immunotherapy as well as in mouse models for cancer immunotherapy. His expertise provides unique opportunities to understand radioimmunotherapy. Dr. Colombo has collaborated jointly with Dr. Melero in the IACT EU funded consortium for development of immunostimulatory monoclonal antibodies and very actively collaborates with Dr. Claudio Tripodo, a pathologist with a great experience in both human pathology and mouse tumour models.

Prof. Sergio Quezada is a full Professor in Cancer Immunology in UCL. His team will focus on T cell differentiation and dysfunction by comprehensive phenotyping of the tumour microenvironment following radioimmunotherapy. Quezada is a former postdoc with Dr. James Allison (2018 Nobel laureate) has published over 130 papers (H factor=33). His expertise focuses on applied immunotherapy, animal modelling and immunomonitoring techniques. The team also includes a pathologist with expertise in multicolour immunohistochemistry (Dr. Teresa Marafioti). Excellent facilities for cellular and molecular immunology are available including high dimensional FACs and CYTOF analysis. This group is part of the TRACERx consortium with Drs. Crispin Hiley and Professor Charles Swanton which have published a number of high impact factor papers on cancer immunology and evolution.

At this institution a team of experts led by Dr Crispin Hiley has expertise in genomics and transcriptomics of human and mouse cancer models, where he works in collaboration with Professor Charles Swanton considered the world-leader of this field. Using clinical serial trial biopsy samples and mouse tissue specimens from experiments in Pamplona, Milan and Manchester tumour and microenvironment evolution following local radioimmunotherapy will be interrogated. Dr. Hiley has an active collaboration with Tim Illidge’s team in Manchester profiling the RT induced changes in the immune contexture in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer using state of the art tissue CYTOF platform (Hyperion System-Fluidigm). This institution brings to the consortium advanced sequencing platforms for DNA and RNA analysis bioinformatics. Dr Hiley is a Consultant Clinical (Radiation) Oncologist at University College London Hospital and Associate Professor at UCL.

At this institution a team of immunopathologists with expertise in interrogation of the stromal tumour microenvironment under the guidance of Dr. Claudio Tripodo is assembled. Dr. Tripodo is well recognized in this field with over 140 international publications and a H factor of 31. Dr. Tripodo and Dr. Mario Colombo have collaborated in many publications on the role of tumour stroma and immunotherapy. Expertise on customized Nanostring platform will be developed in collaboration with hospital Gregorio Marañon.

At this institution two professionals of immunology and clinical cancer research join forces to form a translational team. Paloma Sánchez-Mateos is a well-known immunologist in the study of the inflammatory and immune tissue microenvironment of cancer and Dr. Ivan Marquez-Rodas is an expert in immunotherapy clinical trials, and has had a relevant role in pivotal studies of ipilimumab plus nivolumab in metastatic melanoma and nivolumab in adjuvant melanoma. Dr. Marquez-Rodas is a key clinical developer of the TLR-3 agonist BO-112 together with Dr. Melero.